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Reinhard second graders move up with pride

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In a culmination of their years at Reinhard Early Childhood Center, second graders celebrated their success during their moving up ceremony on June 18.

Second graders took to the stage as parents filled the auditorium’s seats. Students sang “God Bless America” and “We Are the Stars from Reinhard” before the 10th annual legacy project was presented, a bench painted under the direction of art teacher Michelle Block. Students also watched a slideshow of their many memories made at Reinhard.

“We’re so proud as these young leaders have remained flexible; they have accomplished a lot; they have grown as people and friends,” Principal Patricia Castine said. “You’ve spent all your years here learning about your leadership power, our core values, making new friends and creating special memories as you grow as leaders and learners.”

Photo caption:
1) Second graders presented the 10th annual legacy project, a Class of 2024 bench to be displayed at Reinhard Early Childhood Center.
2) Students marked the occasion with songs.
3) Second graders were excited to see themselves and friends in a commemorative slideshow.

Photos courtesy Bellmore Public Schools

Date Added: 6/27/2024