Reading for Soldiers

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Under the direction of Randi Andersen, the Reinhard student advisory council hosted the United Through Reading project, which provides service members separated from their families the opportunity to be video recorded while reading a book for their children. After reading a book with someone at home, students wrote their name and title of their book on a star and collected a $1 donation. The stars were placed by SAC students on the wall of the school’s main corridor and $350 was raised and donated to the United Through Reading organization.

Lyrical Dance Lesson Sparks Natural World Imagination

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A lyrical dance lesson sparked the imaginations in the natural world for second grade students in Jennifer Magliano’s class at Reinhard. The students received a visit from Calhoun High School senior Brooke Lundrigan who attends The Children’s Sangha, a community organization offering educational and nature-based programs and services for young people with a range of abilities and needs.   

During her lesson, Brooke shared a video of a lyrical dance routine from her dance group and defined the genre. She also read “My Amazing Body – A First Look at Health and Fitness,” followed by a warm-up activity with music. Brooke then taught the students a dance routine she created based on nature moves. While reflecting on the lesson, the students recalled their own personal experiences in the natural world. They also mentioned a desire to include the dance routine in their fitness regimen.   

Reinhard celebrates Turkey Day

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It was a day of celebration as Reinhard students participated in activities prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dressed in construction paper turkey costumes, prekindergarten students gave two Thanksgiving-themed musical performances for excited and appreciative parents. Under the direction of music teachers Maria Martucci and Randi Andersen, the district’s youngest students sang “I Am Thankful,” “Rosie is a Turkey” and “I’m a Nut.” They paraded their outfits to the delight of parents and repeated the poem “A Turkey is a Funny Bird,” culminated with “The Turkey Trot.” 

Principal Patricia Castine noted that the students have been practicing their musical selections since September. “They have been learning how to be performers and have been thinking about what they are grateful for,” Ms. Castine said.

In Natalie Sicoli’s combined first and second grade class, students completed their study of the first Thanksgiving with a corncob placemat activity. With assistance from a parent or grandparent, the students pulled up their sleeves to paint a corncob with bright fall colors, and then rolled their corn on a plain placemat to be used at the Thanksgiving table.

Celebrating Television’s Greatest Music Hits

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During the first concert of the school year, fourth grade students celebrated the music of television’s favorite theme songs during a fall concert, held in the Winthrop Avenue School auditorium on Nov. 22.

Under the direction of music teacher Maria Martucci and Mallory Aronoff, who directed the choreography, the students performed a variety of tunes to the “Muppet Show,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “I Love Lucy,” and “The Flintstones.” Between each of the musical numbers, student leaders wearing television screens, read TV Show poems and facts. In addition, 21 talented members of the school’s orchestra performed selections from “Batman” and “Jeopardy” prior to the entire school singing in unison the “Winthrop Avenue Song.”    

Principal Sally Curto told the parents that the students demonstrated a strong commitment in their practices during recess. “Your children have shown great dedication to make this a wonderful concert.”

VIDEO: BreakoutEDU

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