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Dr. Famularo Awarded for His Impact on Education

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Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo is one of 15 individuals who has been recognized as a Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award Honoree. Sponsored by the Nassau BOCES Educational Foundation, this prestigious award honors educational leaders, organizations, school administrators, school board members, staff, students, teachers and Nassau BOCES employees who share the organization’s commitment to providing the best possible education to learners of all ages and abilities and who have had a profound effect on education.  

Nassau BOCES Board President Susan Bergtraum said on behalf of the organization, “[The honorees] share our commitment to create the safest and best educational environments where all students can thrive. As always, we are grateful for your support of our students and programs.”

During the Jan. 21 Bellmore Board of Education meeting, Reinhard Principal Patricia Castine presented Dr. Famularo with a trophy in recognition of his award and to thank him for his many years of “principled leadership.” She said, “We feel fortunate to be able to experience your outstanding leadership every day. You have positively impacted our community of learners, our leadership team and beyond throughout your work locally and at the county and state level.

Dr. Famularo said that the award “is a team effort,” and that nothing could be possible without the support of the Board of Education, administration, faculty and community.  

Bellmore Students Utilize the Scientific Method

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Fifth grade students demonstrated their sharpened science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics skills in addition to their ability to apply the scientific method during Shore Road’s annual fifth grade science fair held on Jan. 14.    
In accordance with the scientific method, the students identified a problem, formulated a hypothesis and developed a method to facilitate their experiment. After the experiments were conducted, the students collected data to document their results, analyzed their findings and drew academically sound conclusions. 
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Joanne Dacek noted that in addition to using the scientific method, students employed the district’s core values and leadership principles to complete their experiments. “The students demonstrated leadership in science through working together, picturing the end in mind and putting first things first to see their experiments to completion,” Dr. Dacek said.
Principal Patrice Matthews was excited about the diverse experiments, which clearly demonstrated hard work and determination. “The science fair ties into the ideals of inquiry-based learning and provides personal leadership opportunities for all of the participants,” she said. “These are important skills for lifelong learning.”

Paper Chain Challenge

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Shore Road students lined the fifth grade wing to tape their multicolored construction paper chains to the floor, testing to see whose was the longest. The activity was the culmination of an engineering design unit to see which team can design and create the longest chain out of construction paper and 12 inches of masking tape.

Teacher Jody Leibowitz explained that through the new state science standards, students have been concentrating on engineering design. Working in teams, the students were provided the same materials. In the end, however, the length and width of the links were the determining factors in the resulting length of each chain.

After the students measured their chains and a winner was determined, the students were instructed to explain their design strategy and the changes they would make to their overall designs. The students collectively agreed that thinner strips for the links would result in longer chains.

Middle school Transition a Testament to Preparedness

Middle school Transition a Testament to Preparedness thumbnail159067
Prior to the Dec. 17 Board of Education meeting, the trustees were reassured by former students that the District’s programs have prepared them for success in middle school and eventually high school.

Students who are currently attending seventh grade at Grand Avenue Middle School in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District visited the trustees to provide insight on their transition from elementary school to secondary school. The students spoke about how they felt prepared in terms of time management, technology abilities, conflict resolution and character development, as well as their core subject areas.

Trustee Maryanne Kelly remarked that the students “were so articulate in telling us what was helpful” at the elementary school level.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo thanked the teachers for preparing the students for their transition, saying that the students’ comments were “a testament to what is being learned” in the classroom.